A Cat for You

This is an Ernesto look-alike.

I have been remiss lately at taking pictures. There's not excuse for this; I walk a lot of mornings from Broad Street to the Penn campus and see many interesting things on the way, mostly homeless people and dogs. On Tuesday, I followed a girl who was drugged out of her mind. She was dressed okay--had on make up and decent clothes and she was only about 19 or so, but she was walking with her eyes shut half the time and then weaving across the concrete.Then she did that really drugged out thing where she started to sit down and realized there was no chair. I asked her if she wanted to sit for a minute on the bench and her eyes snapped open and she said, No, I'm fine, and then she almost walked out into traffic. The other weird thing was that I approached this parking ticket lady to ask for her help, and every step forward that I took, she stepped back three, as if she were afraid I was going to punch her. I guess when you're a parking ticket person, you encounter conflict daily, but she was so timid and frightened that it seemed incongruous to her job. Like, if you're scared of people, you probably shouldn't be pissing them off every minute by writing tickets for their expired meters. Needless to say, she wasn't much help. She scurried off without saying much of anything. The drugged out girl went into the bookstore and I went with her and asked the security guy to keep an eye on her. What was she on? Oxycotin? Heroin? Do people do heroin and then go for a stroll? Maybe she just came from the hospital and was still anesthetized from a surgery? But that would never happen b/c no hospital would r


The Hook said…
That cat's up to something...

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