Patio Touches

Thanks, IKEA, for having more fake than real plants for those of us in the world who are botanically-challenged. Here is a fake marigold (?) in a new white pot (real).

Also, a decorative rug. This is the second time I've attempted to buy the rug. The first time, I saw the line at the check-out and gave up.

I actually bought three white flower pots and three fake plants. Dan convinced me to do this, because, let's face it, I kill plants. That's not entirely true. I have one plant that Carrie gave me about three years ago that's not yet dead. And one bamboo plant (also from IKEA) that requires watering about once every thirteen months.

Emma Carol evolving onto two hind legs.

And someone who got left behind.



I am so lazy--I still need to paint my backyard. Wanna help?
The Hook said…
Pretty nice patio, young lady!