The Aftermath of Huricane/Tornado/Mild Thunderstorm, Irene

Well, we can still get flooding from the Schuykill River which is supposed to peak at 2 PM today. I was briefly listening to Fox News this morning at the gym and one of the reporters said, We're taking viewers' questions and the one that keeps coming up is: "If this were a snowstorm, how many inches of snow would we have gotten?" That's maybe the dumbest question I've ever heard in my life. Like asking, If this had been squirrels falling from the sky instead of rain, how many squirrels would have landed and would they have survived or just been flattened?

In any case, I categorized the devastation for you. Millimeters of rain fall flooding my street:

Recyling bins filled with inappropriately heavy material toppled.

Fortunately, the neighbor's blow up pool, which comes out at the first sign of spring and stays out until its frosted over by ice, did not fly away in the night. Little Paulie can continue to play in it rather than ever being able to go down the shore.

Trash blown across the streets--including someone's umbrella. However, it should be noted that the streets of Philadelphia look like this (and much worse) every single day.

Tiny flowerpot in window blown over.

Dogs across the city confined indoors.

And yet, the spirit of Philadelphia lives on its hardcore patriotism and love of wooden Santa figures dressed in denim.

And the love of the Phillies Phanatic.

Squirrels, please don't fall from the sky!