Ceiling Fan in My Spoon

Remember that song by the Lemonheads? I still don't get what that means. In any case, here's my new ceiling fan (photo request sent in by Mother):

Light off.
If you look on the far wall by the door, you can see the fan settings--one button to turn the light on and off, and one button to turn on the fan. Very convenient. No real arm work required. The electrician who did it charged $175; I think that's pretty reasonable.
Light on. Find the cats.

Here they are. Sometimes, they can lay together nicely, and sometimes, they try to tear off each other's throats. They're huddled together b/c the ceiling fan is so effective.
Dan also finished painting the back patio. If I ever had any guests over (which I never do), I would be proud to have them outside.

The next house improvement will be the kitchen. If I can get myself to  commit to shelling out a few thousand dollars to buy the cabinets and  appliances. My friend Colin came up with some lovely designs for renovation, so I didn't even have to think of anything. It does mean getting rid of some shelving, so where in the world will I put the cat bowls? You see what a swarm they are.


Staci Severns said…
Wow, the lighting fixture of your ceiling fan gives out adequate illumination and really brightens up the room! I think your fan looks great. I have one that looks slightly similar, but I switched out the CFL bulbs for LED bulbs. LED bulbs are brighter, can last longer and use less wattage, so I can have the ceiling fan on pretty much all day without having to worry about the electricity bill.