Dive Bar Tour Extravaganza

I Snub You

Over Your Dead Body

I was wrong. The root canal was worse.

My life could be worse

The Office would be so much more funny if it weren't based on my real life

I Take No Responsibility for Killing You

Root for Me

You are, like, so in shape!

Dental Phobia

The ultimate outsider

Trading Spouses/Dysfunctions

Gear up for Christmas 2006!

Sickly head

Where's My Donkey?

(upsidedown question mark) Donde esta el bano?

The Hostess with the Okayest

You May Steal Any of These Ideas, But Footnote Me

I Am Veal

Draw-ling class has been cancelled indefinitely& other startling news flashes

Hot or Not

On the next episode of Law and Order: An unsolved murder during a hurricane called "Catherina"

Beat Jesus

Dead People Say the Darndest Things

Subway Terror Alert: Your Metro Card Could be Explosive

I would like to give Mr. Darcy (as played by Colin Firth) the best bj of his life

These are the People in My Neighborhood

Everything Should Be Easy Always

"Eat at Meze's: Only Slightly Gross"