Sickly head

Am home sick today (a double entendre. "Home sick" as in not feeling well and "home sick" as in missing Mexico). Should've known this would happen after the go-go-go vacation we had along with the long travel day on Sunday and waking up early and out of sorts yesterday. I hate coming back from vacation especially when I nkow that I won't have more time off for a long while. The cats and I are planning a fabulous day together of shedding, meowing at the ceiling for no apparent reason, and sitting in the houseplant. At some point, I need to eat something, but it will have to be something made out of sour cream & onion potato chips, wheat bread, pickles, and over-ripe tomatoes b/c we don't have anything else in the fridge.

What else about our trip? Neither one of us own a watch and so we never exactly knew what time it was. Didn't use my cell phone except maybe twice to check the time. Spoke to most people in Spanish, including the whitey-whites we encountered. Shawn gets offended when gringos speak English to him in a foreign country. He answers in Spanish. We did see a lot of Americans who made no effort to learn the language and would instead just speak louder in English or over-enunciate the please and thank-you words everyone knows. "Oh, hey, moochas grahcee-us." We found that most Mexicans would continue talking to us in Spanish even when we were struggling a little, which I thought was a nice show of faith on their part. (Aside: on a survey we handed out at work, one person answered "American" to the question "What languages do you speak?"). We kept a journal for most days and so I don't feel like I need to recount every detail here, and doing so makes me feel sad because it's over. I think you can fall in love with a place like it's a person though it takes time to really know it or to truly love it. So, I have a crush on Mexico. And I don't think he's going to be calling me any time soon.