The Office would be so much more funny if it weren't based on my real life

"That would be great..." I could cut and paste about 20+ e-mails I've received with that phrase un-ironically used. I could list about 500 things from my job that would make you wonder if I was being satirical. I won't though. I can't. If you saw last night's episode of The Office you'll remember that the boss gets access to his employees e-mails. Guess what? I've experienced that actuality in my non-sitcom life. So, I'm a little skeptical about this whole "freedom of speech" thing. Not many people here today as it's Thanksgiving tomorrow. I wonder if, as will probably happen at Shawn's work, we'll all be told to go home a little early, enjoy ourselves, hey, maybe we should cut out early for a drink? Hmmm...I wonder...

In other news, we're going to Bushkill, PA for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Bushkill is a lovely name for a town. It's about 2 or more hours away and so we'll leave here about noon, eat, then turn around and drive back to Philadelphia. Last year at this time, we took ourselves to Block Island and rode some horses. Not this year. Those cute little dineros we spent in Mexico actually turned out to cost real money.

Here is what I'm thankful for this year (not necessarily in order of importance): my health even my teeth which are only partially falling out, my home with the warm heaters that hum in the night, my boyfriend who not only listens but actually applies what he hears, my friends who let me be flakey, my cats with their purring and shedding and growing old gracefully, the existence of dogs and the possibility that I may get one some day, Hope on 7th which consistently provides me with great thrift store bargains, coffee, and much, much more.

Here is what I'm not thankful for this year: the government.

Last year's dinner at Shawn's sister's house: