Trading Spouses/Dysfunctions

I swear to you that I do not watch the show Trading Spouses on any kind of regular basis, but I happened upon it last night at a quarter to ten and it was either that or Veronica Mars, which I actually do like a lot. However, the short bit I saw of the show was so horrific that I was hooked in immediately. Reality shows are the car crashes of pop culture. This really, really, super fat woman with a gigantic gap in her teeth was crying to another woman about how she was worried about her family and all. Turns out the big woman, Marguerite, a devout Christian/Psychotic had switched with a family who believed in astrology and the summer solstice and liked stars and didn't read the Bible. In other words, they were the spawns of hell sent to destroy Marguerite and her family (except she never said "family;" it always came out as "fambly"). On the drive back to her home, M. was crying and sobbing, working herself up, saying things like, "I never knew I'd see what I saw there. NEVER! I never wanted to see what I saw there! Sweet Jesus!" I missed the whole first 45 minutes so it's possilbe the astrologists did do horrible things like light the other neighbor chirren on fire or defectate in a cemetery or offer up sacrifices to Satan in their back yard, but my guess is that maybe she saw a pack of Tarot cards under the phone book or noted a larger than ordinary collection of wind chimes. When she got back home, she flew into a rage and ripped up the letter the other woman had sent to the family where she designated $50, 000 however she saw fit. Maguerite was screeching and saying she was a warrior of God and all the cameramen who don't believe in Jesus should get thee out of the house. It suddenly occurs to me that maybe all of this was staged. I'd like to believe it because she appeared to be even crazier than Carrie's mom in the book of the same name (you know, the mom who calls breasts "dirty pillows" and ends up being crucifixed by silverware?). At the very end, they listed how the money had been given out and the last amount was $20,000 for M.'s gastric bypass surgery. Then the last line, "Marguerite has decided to accept the money." I'm not a huge fan of Fox network, but I love it that they portrayed the New Age-y peopls as rational and generous, and the Get Thee Behind Me as the irrational, ignorant, and hypocritical person of God.


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Karin said…
It's too bad you get so much span. Maybe you should disable anonymous comments.

I didn't see that episode of Trading Spouses -- in fact, I've only seen it once before -- but they were heavily advertising that episode. That woman looked like she had emerged from swamps of hell. I think I had nightmares about her. Seriously.