Friday, June 15, 2012


It's weird how I seem to daily encounter people who appear f-ed up super early in the morning. Like this lady on the right in the bottom photo, who was flipping through a Macy's flyer and said to her friend (who seemed sober): "It's strange how some things are way more expensiver than others." And her friend goes, "You mean more expensive?" The lesson? Drugs make your grammar worse. Or is that "bad?"

Also, it smells like pot on the trolley.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back Patio

I had a guy come over last week to beautify the back yard area and to also create some fencing that maybe, possibly the cats can't leap over. It took him two days and here are the results. Next, I'm going to get some lights to make it sparkle at night. I may actually have to invite people over to grill out or something.
Ernesto has yet to jump up on the ledge, but I know that day is coming.
This is the custom-built door that now hides the unsightly air conditioning unit.
Need to figure out what to do about that long pipe though. Maybe grow something?
Side view.
And then another custom built piece to hide the pipes.