Friday, April 10, 2009

Good, Better, Best Friday

Come Monday, all of the Easter festivities will be over and we will have to look for the next series of window installments. What's the next big holiday? It's not yet time for flags, I hope. Below, please find some lovely chocolate bunnies in profile.


I wonder at what point the tenant decided to display this doll in the window? Was it because her granddaughter was coming to visit? The doll is in very good shape, not dusty or sun-faded, and note that she is surrounded by decorative vases.

There's that plastic blue bunny that everyone loves, brightening up the garbage strewn streets.

And I took this photo on the way to work today. The entire sidewalk was covered with chalk from the night before.

Tonight, will go with Carrie and Padhraig and P's Irish friend Roerighyee to see Neko Case in Glendale/side. I'm really just along for the ride; can't say I'm a particular fan or not. It's an early birthday present that I never asked for.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Short Nights

I don't mean "short nights" as in "nights when you wear shorts." I mean that now that I've been trying to get to the gym about 2-3 times during the week, I find myself arriving home later than usual, and so not catching all of whatever nonsense questions NPR'S Terry Gross (or her fill-in) has asked her guests. I don't miss it much, but it makes for a shorter evening. I barely have time to watch one TV show before it's up to bed to read. I'm becoming an old lady--turning the TV off at 10:30 to be sure I have lights out around 11:30.

Lately, I've been reading Ian McEwan's Saturday. I really like him. He takes his time with descriptions, but not in an indulgent way. This book doesn't have the same intensity as or Atonement, but the form is neat--the whole book takes place on one day (guess which day?). Liz had an idea the other day that I should starting writing an Evie novel and one of the first chapters could begin with the line, "Evie didn't consider herself a prude." A good beginning.

On an unrelated note, I like my gym and seldom have any complaints. It's never too crowded to get a machine and there's a good mix of people of all shapes and sizes. I feel spoiled by the TVs on every single piece of equipment (oh, that reminds me: have you seen or heard of this MTV program called Smackdown? That might not be the exact name of it, but the premise is that you have two wimpy guys who are being bullied by some other dude and the MTV people offer the bully $10,000 to go two rounds in a ring with a professional beater-upper. It's totally brutal and awful and impossible not to watch. Of course, the bullies always get the shit kicked out of them. I kept thinking like, Hmm...I wonder what percentage of these bullies were beaten as kids?). Okay, but a few gym pet peeves include:

1. The girl who wouldn't stop coughing. She coughed every 14 seconds (I timed it) for over 45 minutes. Get off the machine if you have an illness or even if it's just a nervous tic.

2. People who leave the TVs on after they get off. They probably are just being forgetful, but it's irritating and then, like a busy-body, I make it my mission to go around and turn off all the unwatched TVs when I'm done.

3. Really loud spinning classes. That would be all spinning classes, because they are uniformly intense and seem to require a techno soundtrack.

4. People who give other peoples STDs through mat contact. That has happened to someone I know (not me, I promise).

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Be Careful When You're Walking"

That was what Mr. DF told me the other day after I told him I was having the de ja vu thing all day (have made a dr.'s appt. Everything is fine). I told him that it kind of gave me vertigo sometimes and he said, "Well, just be careful when you're walking..." I thought that was funny and I keep remembering it when I'm on the street, like, Whoops, a puddle! If I hadn't been so careful, I might have stepped right into it without noticing. I remembered it again this morning because it was raining and I wore my red flats that do seem to want to kill me by becoming extra slippery when I'm walking down stairs. "Hold the railing when you're walking," might be another good bit of advice. "Don't take any wooden nickels" was the one my mom used to say, though I never quite understood what it meant. By the way, this photo of the lioness waiting in the grass is one of the things that comes up if you do an image search for "careful walking."

Spent most of Sunday with City Liz running errands. She is one of the few people I know who would get as excited as I do about the idea of eating lunch at Ikea. I know that is sick and wrong, but I don't care. I love their chicken fingers and they're so easy to put together too! Speaking of being wrong, here's a link to a someecard that Liz recommended. I know that Jodie will appreciate it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So, one of the first things I did with my new paycheck is to purchase a queen-sized bed with minimal research involved, unless you count looking at a web link Carrie sent me. I don't know anything about coil counts or sproinginess or mattress flammability. I just know I like comfy bed at around a certain cost. I did go to Sleepy's and didn't buy anything that day and then went to another mattress place on my own and did buy a mattress from the guy, even though it felt weird to be lying down on these random mattressess in a huge showroom. I mean, they all pretty much feel the same to me. It's not like I laid down on one and fell instantly asleep. Of course, now I can't find the description of the bed the salesman gave me a piece of paper with details on it, and that has vanished. The bed was supposed to be delivered today, but the delivery people didn't call on Friday, so I called the sales dude this morning. I'm not looking forward to the awkwardness of the delivery, but I do want to have the new bed, if only to have more space away from the cats, who seem to grow bigger in the night. He has assured me that my full sized sheets will probably fit on the queen-sized bed, but I remain skeptical. I also wondered if maybe he would take off with my money and lose it all in Vegas, but it's really not that much money.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The View From Here

I've been meaning to write about this humiliating moment that happened to me the other day. I was on my way to work, wearing this cute new (used) dress with a longer skirt. I actually remembered to put on a slip, and it was a longer slip because the dress falls below the knee. I hadn't worn the slip for awhile and I remember when I discovered it in my dresser, I was like, Oh, good, a nice white slip. So, I was sashaying down the sidewalk, after having just waved at the little girl who lives next door (and who I have always imagined sees me as a mentor, like, Gee, I want to be just like that lady when I grow up!) when I found myself stopped short. Because my slip had fallen down to my feet. I nearly tripped over it. It puddled on the ground around my shoes, and I had to figure out a way to gracefully step out of it (not possible). It turns out that the elastic was way too loose, probably from age or moths. So much for being a stunning role model for the neighbor girl.

Here is a photo of squirrel in the tree outside my window at work (note frat house in the background).

And here is same squirrel, climbing even higher.