"Be Careful When You're Walking"

That was what Mr. DF told me the other day after I told him I was having the de ja vu thing all day (have made a dr.'s appt. Everything is fine). I told him that it kind of gave me vertigo sometimes and he said, "Well, just be careful when you're walking..." I thought that was funny and I keep remembering it when I'm on the street, like, Whoops, a puddle! If I hadn't been so careful, I might have stepped right into it without noticing. I remembered it again this morning because it was raining and I wore my red flats that do seem to want to kill me by becoming extra slippery when I'm walking down stairs. "Hold the railing when you're walking," might be another good bit of advice. "Don't take any wooden nickels" was the one my mom used to say, though I never quite understood what it meant. By the way, this photo of the lioness waiting in the grass is one of the things that comes up if you do an image search for "careful walking."

Spent most of Sunday with City Liz running errands. She is one of the few people I know who would get as excited as I do about the idea of eating lunch at Ikea. I know that is sick and wrong, but I don't care. I love their chicken fingers and they're so easy to put together too! Speaking of being wrong, here's a link to a someecard that Liz recommended. I know that Jodie will appreciate it.


Liz said…
There's nothing wrong with choosing Ikea for lunch. Nothing.
Aimee said…
Obviously, I agree.
heather said…
swedish meatballs... mmmmm. um--oh and doesn't it kinda make you want to get a pocketful of wooden nickels to randomly give out to people?