Good, Better, Best Friday

Come Monday, all of the Easter festivities will be over and we will have to look for the next series of window installments. What's the next big holiday? It's not yet time for flags, I hope. Below, please find some lovely chocolate bunnies in profile.


I wonder at what point the tenant decided to display this doll in the window? Was it because her granddaughter was coming to visit? The doll is in very good shape, not dusty or sun-faded, and note that she is surrounded by decorative vases.

There's that plastic blue bunny that everyone loves, brightening up the garbage strewn streets.

And I took this photo on the way to work today. The entire sidewalk was covered with chalk from the night before.

Tonight, will go with Carrie and Padhraig and P's Irish friend Roerighyee to see Neko Case in Glendale/side. I'm really just along for the ride; can't say I'm a particular fan or not. It's an early birthday present that I never asked for.


heather said…
was wondering if you wound up decidedly fan or non-fan...?
heather said…
total non sequitur... you might enjoy this blog:
Anonymous said…
I miss this bloggie.