So, one of the first things I did with my new paycheck is to purchase a queen-sized bed with minimal research involved, unless you count looking at a web link Carrie sent me. I don't know anything about coil counts or sproinginess or mattress flammability. I just know I like comfy bed at around a certain cost. I did go to Sleepy's and didn't buy anything that day and then went to another mattress place on my own and did buy a mattress from the guy, even though it felt weird to be lying down on these random mattressess in a huge showroom. I mean, they all pretty much feel the same to me. It's not like I laid down on one and fell instantly asleep. Of course, now I can't find the description of the bed the salesman gave me a piece of paper with details on it, and that has vanished. The bed was supposed to be delivered today, but the delivery people didn't call on Friday, so I called the sales dude this morning. I'm not looking forward to the awkwardness of the delivery, but I do want to have the new bed, if only to have more space away from the cats, who seem to grow bigger in the night. He has assured me that my full sized sheets will probably fit on the queen-sized bed, but I remain skeptical. I also wondered if maybe he would take off with my money and lose it all in Vegas, but it's really not that much money.