The View From Here

I've been meaning to write about this humiliating moment that happened to me the other day. I was on my way to work, wearing this cute new (used) dress with a longer skirt. I actually remembered to put on a slip, and it was a longer slip because the dress falls below the knee. I hadn't worn the slip for awhile and I remember when I discovered it in my dresser, I was like, Oh, good, a nice white slip. So, I was sashaying down the sidewalk, after having just waved at the little girl who lives next door (and who I have always imagined sees me as a mentor, like, Gee, I want to be just like that lady when I grow up!) when I found myself stopped short. Because my slip had fallen down to my feet. I nearly tripped over it. It puddled on the ground around my shoes, and I had to figure out a way to gracefully step out of it (not possible). It turns out that the elastic was way too loose, probably from age or moths. So much for being a stunning role model for the neighbor girl.

Here is a photo of squirrel in the tree outside my window at work (note frat house in the background).

And here is same squirrel, climbing even higher.