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When I was in Montauk for a month of writing, I did it every day, mostly in the mornings. I did it because I felt obligated to get words on a page. I'd asked my work and my family to give me this time, and it would be irresponsible not to keep my part of the bargain and meet my word count every day.  But only sometimes did I enjoy it. Rarely. Often, I would have to pause and get up from the chair, go pull a book off a shelf and hope something from that novel would give me another paragraph or a new direction. For the first two weeks, I also read books at night about the craft of writing, John Gardner's The Art of Fiction, E.M. Forester's Aspects of  Novel (dry, difficult), Stephen King's On Writing, and books about organ donation (because that was the subject of my novel). Or short stories. And also Josh Ferris' book about the dentist. His book was the most inspiring in some ways because he does weird things like spend two pages describing the character trying to …

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