Draw-ling class has been cancelled indefinitely& other startling news flashes

Karen and I have temporarily to permanently decided not to attend drawing class. Last week, we stayed in because she was helping me organize the closet and ended up knocking down the clothing pole (and then fixing it with my Black and Decker power drill; my mom was very excited about buying one for me), and she was also sneezing and we hadn't had our delicious frozen dinners yet and so fuck it, we decided to watch the second episode of My So-Called Life instead of learning how to draw another grid over another famous painting we could never hope to replicate. Tonight, we will be searching for cowboy boots and other assorted Halloween items, so you can see, we just can't really be bothered with art.

My other exciting news is that Gretel caught a mouse Sunday. It was all fun and games until I heard the mouse squeak in terror. A little gray thing. Shawn kept saying, Oh, it's a baby! I was pleased with Gretel, but sad for the mouse. I went downstairs to open up the front of our apartment door in anticipation of one of us being able to save the mouse and set it free. Shawn followed me, saying, Do we have a shoebox? By the time we came back upstairs to try to do something about the mouse, it had escaped. Gretel has a Pavlovian attachment to sound of the front door opening as she's been allowed out on the front porch exactly 3 times. She sacrificed the mouse's freedom in hopes of gaining her own. Now I'm guessing we have a dead and decomposing baby mouse under our fridge. She was on mouse patrol last night again though...crouched by the refrigerator, waiting for the wounded mouse or its siblings to scurry out. She's a beast. And she's 17. You wouldn't think she had it in her to kill again, but she does.

I dreamt last night that Burger King decided to also sell denim dresses and an entire denim clothing line alongside their burgers; clothing very similar to the slut wear Guess sells. Then it morphed into me telling someone about the dream about BK and the clothes because I thought it was very clever of me to dream about crass commercialism. On a related note, why do they now have a scary plastic BK guy in all of their commercials? If I were a kid, I'd never want to go to Burger King just out of fear that the plastic-faced man might be lurking near the fry machine. Do you ever have the experience of watching an advertisement on TV and deciding you must be stoned or somehow altered by a gasoline leak because there's no way anyone would create such a thing? I thought that last night with the new Target ad, this long drawn-out video/commercial of red and white circles dropping out of the sky like rain. I couldn't spot a single product. The whole thing was based on the image of Target as...?? Acid rain?

Which reminds me of something else I thought of this weekend about how around Halloween time, especially in Philly but I've noticed this in other places too, you can often find yourself questioning if the person you're seeing on the street is seriously dressed that way or if it's a costume. In other words, are they from Jersey or are they on their way to a Halloween party?

Are any of these costumes?

P.S. In my search for bad fashion examples for this entry, found a
Vogue magazine layout thematically centered around Alice in Wonderland and shot by Annie Lebowitz. Hot, hot, hot.


Dirk the Feeble said…
I like the last picture. Nothing makes me laugh quite like pubescent girls dressing like skanks.
Karin said…
I liked some of it, and didn't like some of it. I liked the picture of the girl in the doll house. That was cool.

Oh - I just realized armaedes was referring to the posted pictures. Yes, those skanks are skankily ridiculous.

And now I know shopping for Halloween will be much easier than I'd anticipated.
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