I Snub You

There's a cute blond trainer boy at the gym whose name is Luke (Sweat has a wall of trainer names and black and white photographs on the brick staircase as you ascend to find your machine). He's about 23 years old and teaches ab classes and will be your personal muscle building slave for the right price. I imagine that most girls (and some guys) at the gym think he's adorable. I imagine too that he doesn't notice me much because there are so many pretty young girls in cotton leggings, tight sports bras, and swinging ponytails who bounce around the place. So, to counteract his not noticing me, I pretend not to notice him. If he's at the front counter when I swipe in, I smile at the girl and ignore him and his fingerless weight-lifting gloves. If he comes into our class to retrieve a rubber ball to lay on, I don't turn my head. If he strolls in between the ellipses machines, I focus my attention on Dr. Phil. See, I'm trying to teach him a lesson that not EVERY girl thinks he's a hottie (even though I do think he's cute). And the sad, sad thing is I'm sure he has no idea that I'm doing that because I don't register on his scanner. (I wonder if people I don't notice are secretly snubbing me? Stop it!)

I like the woman who teaches our bouncy class. She's energetic and has a great atheletic body and doesn't tolerate chatty girls. She said to two girls yesterday, I'm going to separate you two if you don't stop talking. Sometimes if she's making us do three sprints in a row, I hate her for an instant, but then I like her again. There's a woman who comes into class every week about 15 minutes after we start. She's short and wears a gray sports bra and black or gray Spandex tights. She has a tiny little upper body with hard, hard abs and a gigantic ass. I mean, BIG. I can't stop staring at it. It just doesn't match the rest of her. She doesn't seem to mind. She always gets up in the front of the class closest to the mirror and stares hard at herself as she jumps on the trampoline. I picture her at a dance club in a little tank top shaking her booty like nobody's business.


Karin said…
I think you should take the reverse approach to the boy at the gym. You should wear really slutty outfits, and when he walks by, grab his arm, move real close to him, shove your boobs up against him, and ask if he'll spot you for some ab work, or something like that. Once you're down on the floor, start making really inappropriate noises that grow with intensity until you sound like you're having an orgasm.

I liked your tale of the woman with the big booty. She sounds cute.