Writing Idea You Can Steal, Though I'll Sue You if You Do

I've been thinking that someone should write a story that's a modern day equivalent of the Cyrano/Roxanne story. It's so much easier now to hide your identity online--to pretend to be someone you're not and know a person for an extended amount of time just via the web versus real life. So why couldn't you write something about a woman or man who asks his/her friend to pose as him and write all of these love-causing things to the object of his/her desire? I suppose the only complicated thing about it would be that some of the ways we communicate now don't  necessarily lend themselves to deep contact; I'm not convinced that it's possible to fall for someone over text messaging or IM-ing. Someone must have thought of this idea already? After having worked for awhile as a letter writer for the President at Drexel, I toyed with the idea of writing a reversal of genders-type thing in a similar vein, but who reads letters anymore? You would then have to invent an exotic destination or some other scenario where the two communicated by letters for some reason. It's so old-fashioned now. So, let's stick with email for this premise--can you fall in love with a person over email? If they were long emails, maybe. Probably this idea isn't much more than a "Shouts & Murmurs" column using Facebook wall posts.