Disaster Preparedness at the Ernesto Household

As mom's are bound to do, mine is worried about me during this impending Rapture event known as Hurricane Irene. To set her mind at ease, here are a few photos to illustrate that, even though I have not sought out sandbags, I am still taking the storm seriously.

To wit, last night, Dan and I cleared out the entire back patio. No possibility of flying projectiles of ceramic birds or wind chimes are present to shatter my back window.

Side view. Please also note that my none of my nearby neighbors have large oak trees with long branches. 

The back patio decorations have been stored inside. I kind of like having them around and may not ever move them out again.

Cats have a full week's supply of food and back up food and two water bowls filled to the brim.

My bathtub doesn't really have a plug that works (you're supposed to fill up the tub), so we found these instead. I am not sure what I'm supposed to do with this water, but it has something to do with flushing the toilet.

Plenty of things to do, even in the dark. Two NYTimes crossword puzzles, collections of essays by David Sedaris and Amy Hempel and my journal, where I can record my musings about the storm.

Exterior view of my house. No trees availabe here either to crash through the windows. I also bought duct tape in case I need to replace a window with tape in a pinch.

Plenty of extra water, plus one Diet Coke if the coffee machine doesn't work.

3 flashlights with new batteries, plus a bunch of candles, plus extra matches stolen from Pod, plus Emma Carol's death stare X-ray eyes in case I'm without power.

No cans of corn, but I have boxes of crap to eat.

And let's not forget, I'm across the street from a church, so there's that protection.

Dan showed me how to use a piece of spaghetti to get at the hard to reach wick's of used candles.

Hopefully, this whole thing will be anticlimactic. And if the looting begins, I have a cache of freshly-sharpened knives at the ready. Don't worry, Mom.


PinkPanthress said…
I wish for you, your ctas & everyone in the household to be safe!!!
Aimee said…
Thanks for the good wishes...We're hanging in there.
Great list! :) My fave is your kitties flashy eyes. Be safe!