The Number of TV Shows I Can Watch at One Time...

Equals about four-ish. Because of the myriad of channels available, I find myself switching back and forth between stations and really, depending on the show, not missing much of anything. Last night, I watched most of The Office and Parks and Recreation while at the same time catching a few scenes of Dr. Phil (topic: pathological liars.One lady with a really funny nose lied for years about needing to have a kidney transplant. She even got this device for her phone that would make it look like she was calling from the Mayo Clinic),  a repeat episode of Hoarders (lady lives with 134 ferrets whose feces and carcasses are scattered throughout the house), and moments of another Discover Channel show about multiple births (parents who have litters of children vs. just one or two). Also caught a few scenes of When Harry Met Sally, but couldn't quite commit to the whole thing. Do not fret; I am still able to focus on one thing for even minutes at a time, but if the show is only marginally interesting (and that's often the case, especially with reality TV), I have a hard time investing in it. Am still waiting for The Killing to come back. That was something I could get into.

In the meantime, here is a cat beating the summer heat.