Cat Drawing

Remember that Ace of Base song, "All That She Wants...Is Another Baby?" Well, taking inspiration from this blog, Dan and I (mostly Dan) drew the cat version of that, presented here.

If you have rewritten a pop song to add a cat to one of the central lyrics and would like it transformed into a cartoon drawing, let me know. We were thinking maybe Michael Jackson's "PYT" could be revised to reflect "PYC" (i.e. "Pretty Young Cat"). You see that we have a lot of time on our hands.

Just a few more Philly pics before I forget that I took them. I saw this yesterday morning and was really tempted to read it. Was it a fairly benign, move-your-damn-car note like, "Hey, please stop parking next to this telephone pole. This is my telephone pole!" Or was it a love note like "since you won't answer my emails or texts, I was forced to leave this letter. Meet me at the Philadelphia Airport at 8 PM EST. I have two tickets to Barbados. We never have to return." I didn't read it though--because what if the content created a moral conundrum where I had to act--some kind of a threat or a promise of harm or something really mean and nasty that I would throw away, causing the person who wrote the note to get even angrier at the lack of response and subsequently beating up the owner of the car? I decided to just take a picture.

And then this was some new family-inspired graffiti I saw on an outside wall this morning.


Lisa V. said…
I saw that graffiti art somewhere recently but can't remember where, likely because I've walked the entire city 3x over at this point.