Perfect Princeton

Everything in Princeton is perfect. It's eerie. They have this amazing, three-story library with every new book in stock that you might ever want to check out and a section of books you can buy for $1-$2--good books too, not all pulpy pop culture paperbacks. In recent weeks, I bought a Joyce Carol Oates book and Mary Karr's Lit, and a book on Justice by Dominick Dunne. The kid's section, which is most of the third floor, has numerous computers, a giant dollhouse, stuffed animals you can lay on, blocks, and a gorgeous aquarium.

Then there's the store Dan likes to visit after yoga b/c it has all natural food. It's called Whole Earth and they serve things like free-range tapioca pudding and little bits of chocolate-covered bark and henna Popsicle sticks. I bought some all natural, dye and chemical free, no kill lavender conditioner there this weekend for a mere $8. And these cherries.

I spent several hours on Saturday at the coffee shop, which featured work by artist Elina Lorenz. I liked her work, and it was affordable too.

The odd thing is that she had all of this brightly-colored mixed media work and then this picture was also hung up:


The Hook said…
Looks pretty perfect to me!