Lost in the City of Brotherly Love

Did you know that it's possible to get lost in Philadelphia, even if you've lived here for going on seven years like I have? It happened to me last Friday, when I decided to walk to Penn's campus via Fitzwater Street. I figured that somewhere around 24th street, I could just cut North and West and find the South Street Bridge. Instead, I found myself faced with a sudden Naval Square and jumbled streets---Catherine meeting Christian, the numbered ones suddenly seeming to veer East/West. I'd accidentally found my way into the no man's land of Grays Ferry. Granted, I have a terrible sense of direction, but it was still a weird sensation not to have any clue which street to take, especially when I knew it was only a few blocks away. I found my way back via the modern version of following pebbles along the path--I used my map app on my i-Phone--the one that tracks your progress as you're walking, which I find to be in equal parts creepy and fascinating.

So, this morning, I took Bainbridge, because I knew it was easier to find South Street from there. Here are some photos from that trip.

Tempted to take this even though I have zero interest in astronomy and the telescope is likely broken.

Christmas in August

I liked this because of the wildness of the yard.


Woke this cat up by tapping on the glass. He still looks groggy.


karlb said…
Thank you for the permission! You can see my books (and contact info) at premiobooks.com. Fun pics--working on a beach boardwalk book next! Cute boy too.
Karl Beckstrand