Let the Cat Wars Begin

The cat hat from Liz is making the rounds, so now I have a new purpose in life: to determine the cutest kitty picture among my friends at work. Jason is taking it home this weekend. He has a 3-legged cat named Percy who may wear it, but we can't be prejudicial when choosing the winner.

Anyway, here's candidate #2. This is Trina's cat, Lovey. She looks a lot like Emma Carol. You can't tell from this photo, but Lovey has no tail. She does know how to work a hat though.


Emily said…
Tucker and Izzy would like to try on this hat. They told me, to tell you, to let me know, when it's available again so that they can get in on the fun!
Aimee said…
Yes, of course. Jason has it now...But you can have it on Monday?

Emily said…
I'm sure they'll be fine with Monday...it will give them something to look forward to when the weekend is over.
Anonymous said…
Can bella try it after everyone else?