Fun at the Carnival

Actually, I don't think fairs/carnivals are that much fun. Maybe I used to, but they seem depressing to me as an adult. We took Luke to the New Jersey County Fair and he had a good time, but all I could think about was how much it must suck to have to work on the rides. Like, over and over and over you let kids on the ride, you watch it go around for awhile, you hope no one throws up, and then you get those bunch off and another group on. For ten hours a day, for ten days in one town, and then you move on to the next crappy town and do the same thing. We talked to the guy who ran the shooting game and he said there next stop was Schenectady, NY, then Erie, PA, a couple more small towns in PA, then Delaware, then Pensacola, FL. He also had to tell the other guy working with him to stop talking about asking a lady if he could sit on her face because kids were around.

The thing about the carnival that most stuck with Luke was the attraction for the smallest woman in the world. So small you can fit her in your hand! I am ashamed to admit that I gave them a dollar to look after Luke went up and said, That was creepy! She was basically a disabled person sitting in a chair. A dwarf maybe? She waved hello and said something I couldn't understand. She was from Haiti. I found myself trying to make small talk like, Where you off to next? Luke couldn't stop talking about how disturbing it was.

Here is the bus ride that he went on. It basically just went back and forth.

And this is the ride that almost made Dan get sick. It's a boat that goes up and back and side to side in such a way that it causes your stomach to turn upside down.

And then the finale for the day was the Ferris Wheel. I didn't go on it with them because we ran out of tickets. You can see from the skyline that it was a gray and rainy day, which added to the overall dismal-ness. Dan and Luke were in lucky car #12. They sat with a kid who told them that he had been on every single ride and only got sick once.