Pictures of Animals in Canada

Took a trip to Montreal with Dan and his family and returned to discover that I didn't take very many photos at all, and the ones I do have largely feature animals or insects. No dogs or cats, because for the entire time we were there, we saw about 4 dogs in total which of course was a bummer for me.

We left on a Thursday morning and stopped in for breakfast at the Airport Diner. The menu had everything you could ever want on it, and, as a consequence, the food all tasted the same. Please note that Dan is embarrassing all of us by wearing a New Jersey t-shirt.

And then we stopped for lunch at some place called the Cricket Restaurant. Name was apropos as no one was there and it was so silent that you could hear...

Bruno traveled with us and here is being abused in the parking lot of the Hyatt Hotel where we stayed for four luxurious nights.

Luckily, we were also able to enjoy the comforts of corporate America as there was a French-ish Starbucks directly across from the hotel.

And many lovely fountains in the nearby square.

A French seagull. You can see he has an attitude.

This is handsome picture of Dan on the subway. This is on Friday, when we went to La Ronde, which is like the Montreal version of Six Flags.

The best part was while we were waiting for the shuttle, we saw this groundhog just hanging out and being fed carrots by one of the drivers.

The driver claimed that there was once an explosion of groundhogs to the area, so then they brought in foxes to control the groundhog population, but then the foxes got out of control and so they had to bring in brown bears and then...Dan said he winked when he said this, so maybe it was all a ruse.

Dan guiltily eating a delicious crepe. These crepes made me want to buy a crepe machine on the spot, though I knew my chances of ever actually using one were less than .5%.

For some reason, I neglected to take enough pictures of the other children--Emilia and Juliette. Here is Juliette amusing herself with a water bottle.

Tuning her fine motor skills.

Jodi and Luke on one of the rides. I also went on a solo ride with Luke in this thing that was called the Lurchere or something which translates to The Vominator. I kept my crepe in by focusing on a single point in the distance.

A church?

Punk horses available for carriage rides in the Old City.

Luke about to eat a croissant bigger than his head. He looks drugged here, but he did really well the whole trip. Had no coughing or need for an epi pen despite the overall carpeting of the city.

I forget where this is.

Father and son.
A French spider.
These are wrecked-looking, artistic condominiums.

I don't remember it being this overcast while we were there. I think it must have just been this way in the mornings, or maybe on that one Sunday.

And here we are, returning home on Monday. This is our only moose sighting. Please note Luke's shirt, which his grandma bought him at the mall beneath the hotel. You can write in chalk on the robot part of it.

We petted it.

And Bruno again, excited to be home soon.