Vacation Photos

I've been meaning to post photos from our trip to Newport, Rhode Island. These are all in opposite order of the actual vacation. Here is the interior of a restaurant where we at on the last night. We had almost uniformly good meals, most of which consisted of sea food of some kind.

The bed and breakfast where we stayed. I liked it okay--though it kind of did have a more hotel-y feel than a homey one. We had a giant hot tub in our bathroom though. I enjoyed it more than Dan, who suffered from heat stroke in it.

Here he is looking handsome in the $4 shirt I bought him from Circle Thrift.

Lemon sorbet for him, chocolate martini for me.

These are the grounds of the Vanderbilt mansion. We took a guided audio tour (everyone got his or her own headset). The funniest part was when you got to hear about the life of a Vanderbilt vs. the life of a Vanderbilt maid. The Vanderbilt girl was like, "And the bath was drawn for me every morning and tea brought up on little golden trays..." whereas the maid said, "We lived in a tiny room with no windows or air."

Breakfast at the Hungry Monkey.

Sock monkey picture taken for Jodie.

There's this thing called the 40 Steps that you can go down. We thought we had done it, but realized the steps we'd taken didn't count. Then we discovered them. Here is a photo of a lady who yelled to her son, "Watch out! You're going to kill yourself!"

The only photo I will allow of me.

Dan contemplating death.
Another mansion. We only did the one tour. It wasn't even until half-way through that I realized these were the rich people's summer homes. Like, they're cottages. Places that were largely unused for 9 months out of the year while the wealthy families were in their real mansions in upstate New York.

Summer home.
On the cliffs.
Watch out for that guy.

Oh, and this was dinner our first night at the Barking Crab. Dan ordered a lobster and I had crab legs. Both of us were starving after we ate because we got the smallest possible choice on the menu.

And Dan warned me we couldn't eat this part of the lobster b/c he said it was the intestines. I didn't quite believe him, but it grossed me out anyway.

This is not from the vacation--it's dinner at Friendly's with Dan and Luke on the way out to his mom's house. The great thing about Dan having a kid is that it gives me an excuse to eat at places where I'd never normally be caught dead, but secretly like.

And the giant spider in Dan's basement.