Not Really the End of the Contest

There was some panic from the last blog entry when I claimed there was a winner of the Cat-in-Hat competition, but I was just kidding. We still have my cats to go, plus Padhraig's cats, plus a few assorted dogs I know who would like to be entered in the contest, and Jenn Bing's cat, Bella.

In the meantime, please take a look at our next beauty, Tucker, who belongs to my friend Emily. Tucker is a sweet little thing, but watch out. Here, he seems to be lounging quite easily.

And perhaps interested in eating the feather.

On the move. I like this--he looks like he's about to attach something/someone. And he is.

When Emily finally took the hat off and left the room for just a brief blink of a moment, Tucker had his revenge. The hat had to be re-glued together.