And The Winner Is...

I have to say that Wayles' photos of her cat, Ashes are the best I've seen so far. Very poetic with a hint of tragedy. Here is the bio that she sent about Ashes/Genevieve (name changes when she's wearing the hat): Genevieve is a Virgo and from the Brandywine Valley.She would love to frolic outdoors, but being the lady that she is, she takes elegant baths and keeps her silky hair clean and pressed high above the city in her penthouse suite.

And then the truth comes out about Ashes: Ashes is almost 7 years old and was born in a McDonald's parking lot in Wilmington, DE. She thinks she is a lesbian dog. She likes the rain. She likes rolling around in dirt.

Total smooch-fest.


Anonymous said…
OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO_ BELLA never got her chance???