Overheard on the R7

The guy sitting behind me on the train back from Princeton yesterday had an entirely personal cell phone conversation that lasted about ten minutes. Summary: "Why you gotta throw me out my house into the snow, huh? Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh, I am, am I? Okay, if you say so. My dad did not say that. I decided to leave, not him. Okay. Oh, right. Yes, here we go again. You did too! I never said that. But you're the one who threw me out in the snow, not me. That's right, act like that. You don't listen. Why'd you got to keep all of my stuff then, like my sofa? Okay. Okay. Oh, okay. Well, I'm not stopping by then." I couldn't see his face, but I pictured him as a 17 year old kid. When he got off at the Bridesburg stop, imagine my surprise to find that he was a fully grown adult man with tattoos. I just hope they don't have kids together.

Here is your next selection of photos to choose from. This is Tilly, who belongs to Lex. Tilly does not like the hat any more than the rest of them, but she seems at least a little dignified about it.

And here, she is just about to burst into "O Sole Mio."

It is very difficult to get the hat square on their round little heads.

Oh, and one last shot. This is scary Halloween cat in a hat.

I tested the hat out on Ernesto and Emma Carol. Video to follow.