Summer Reading Recommendations

1. The Dow Jones Industrial Report by Farmers

2. What is the What by Dave Eggers

3. The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini (haven't read this but it was recommended by a very literary person)

4. Temple Review, our quarterly alumni magazine

5. Jasmine by Bharahti Mukherjee (from my summer grad class)

6. Equus but don't read the play, go see it starring a naked Harry Potter (see previous post)

Meanwhile, I continue to slog through The Da Vinci Code, reading probably fifty pages before bed. It's an easy read, particularly if you're someone like me who skips some of the description and the historical stories which are the crux of the book.

Disclaimer: Don't read any further if you plan on getting the book, but really, who cares, the book isn't very good.

According to ancient druid legend/historical truth, Mary Magdalene was a true companion of (read: married to) Jesus Christ. The story of her being a whore is something made up to take away from her standing. She and Jesus were actually both members of very rich houses as in, the House of David and the House of James (or whomever). This is confusing to me because of the whole being born in a manger thing. That aspect has not been discussed, but my best guess is that the idea of the stable birth was another convenient invention. Apparently, a bunch of men also chose Jesus to be the prophet, the supposed son of God. I like many of the feminist aspects of the book and of course have no problem with the author criticizing Catholicism or Christianity. Gotta run.


jordynn said…
I'm down with Equus. I love Harry Potter but can't decide if should want to be Hermione or Ginny... because I haven't read the books so I don't know which one ends up with Harry. Wouldn't want to end up with Ron, and since Ginny and Ron are brother and sister, odds are he ends up with Hermione. But I'd rather be Hermione because she is smarter and cuter. *sigh*
Anonymous said…
I wish you'd read _Without a Map_. My friend, Meredith Hall, wrote it at UNH and it's getting great reviews. I loved it.
jordynn said…
Is anonymous Jess?
Aimee said…
Yes, anonymous is Jess. And she never ever never writes her name for some reason.
jordynn said…
I can still tell it's her though. Maybe the comments about UNH are the tip off.
Liz said…
BTW - I know DaVinci Code sucks. I don't want people thinking I gave it to you because it would change your life.

You should read Mary, Called Magdalene. Good stuff. Although, first you should read "Without a Map" because Jess's friend wrote it :)