Crazy Eyes

I added some photos that Celia took to the Saturday post. You should take a look.

Below, you will find the typical picture of Emma Carol--caught in mid-meow with her crazy eyes. This is just before she ran to see Celia and lick her on the knee. Ernesto looks on with lazy disgust at her display. If you click on this little picture, you can see her in full bloom.
My floor looks much cleaner than it is from this particular angle, that's for sure.

A phenomenon that I've noticed in our culture of late...The use of the phrase: "It is what it is." On first blush, this phrase seems to imply a sort of Buddha-like acceptance to life's annoyances and problems; no judgment passed, no real anxiety attributed to whatever the "it" is (have I written about this before? I feel like I have). However, you never hear this in a positive context. Like, you never hear a guy saying to his friend, who has just gotten a new guitar: "Man! It is what it is!" You only hear it used when something bad has happened. It's really a just another way of saying, "That's fucked up," but compounding the negativity by acting like you've just accepted it; that there's really nothing to do about the situation except to move on. As if to say, "we can't change this and we can't look at this any differently and we can't make it better is what it is."

One wants to say, "No, it is what we make it." Here is a visual representation of the phrase:


Liz said…
Back in my legal asst. days I had one copy vendor who would f* up royally and then - once I'd fixed it or taken the hit - say "it is what is, Mac. it is what it is.".

I hated it then but i admit that i've adopted it now. not because i've given up but simply because i have found the wisdom to accept the things i cannot change.