On the Streets Where You (and I) Live

Have done my usual walking around on the weekends--met up with Celia yesterday and we trekked to Circle Thrift and then over to my house so she could admire the cats and cat dustballs. She noticed right away that Emma Carol has crazy eyes. Like, she always looks like she's about to take off running or attack a fly or turn in spastic circles. There may be photos of her tomorrow. I should keep a meter of the things I typically see.


Crazy homeless person: 1. This was a skinny Black woman who was waving plastic bags in the air in a stairwell on Broad St. near Circle Thrift. Celia guessed that she was either on crack or crystal meth. The woman kept swatting at imaginary things and organizing the bags and then flailig them every which way as though landing an unseen plane. Then she got up and walked across the busy street wearing men's bedroom slippers. Below, please note two men on Broad St. One is pointing to the homeless lady.

Funny cats: 1. This particular cat had its tail shaved to resemble a lion's.

Virgin Mary's in windows: 3.

Cute dog: Numerous, but best is this Border Collie mix outside of Whole Foods.

Men jogging without their shirts on (gross): 2.


Crazy Homeless Person: 1. Outside of CVS on 9th Street, bellowing out something about how to make good decisions.

Cats petted: 5. A skinny black and white stray and four others who live in Molly's Bookstore in the Italian Market.

Fairy figurines in windows: 16.

Random abandoned shoe: 3.

Dirty li'l hipsters: Numerous.

Men jogging topless: 1. I don't care how in shape you are, I don't want to see your grody sweaty naked chest breeze by. Would you feel the same way about Mark Twain if he went jogging without his shirt on? Think about it, people!


jordynn said…
Hahaha.... did you ever see that really hairy guy jogging shirtless in State College? He had serious chest and back hair and it just looked icky. Like, isn't that uncomfortable? Wouldn't you feel better if you waxed or shaved or at least lopped off a few inches of that stuff? Gross. He looked like a Sasquatch in jogging shorts.
Lisa Marie said…
I was at Circle Thrift yesterday too!! Maybe I was one of the crazy people you saw. Did you see a woman moaning in pain as she bent over holding her stomach? That was me - trying to have a normal day in the city even though I was suffering from menstrual cramps! What is it that makes people so crazy anyway? I've had many bouts of insanity that are caused by extreme circumstances. Maybe Philly just has alot of those extremes.
Liz said…
I'm not sure I can be with you on the blanket objection to shirtless men running. I don't mind them so much (sasquatches excepted - no offense). And, quite frankly, if I saw a sweaty, top-naked, buff man running and he turned out to be Mark Twain (only not dead) that would be kind of awesome. Hot, in shape and came up with Huck Finn? Really, sign me up.
Aimee said…
Really, Liz? I don't know. I just think it's weird. There's one caveat (one of my friends brought this up): you can be running and shirtless but you have to be near a body of water. Like, within sight of one.
Ben said…
but my nipples love a good breeze!
Liz said…
All a moot point on my account as I am rarely in contact with men who exercise.
Aimee said…
Well, all you have to do is stand on the street corner on a Sat. or Sun. You'll see plenty of them.
Aimee said…
Ben--nipple talk is strictly prohibited on this blog. Use the term "titty" instead, please!
Anonymous said…
i love your count of virgin marys in the windows!!

in the last election year, i did a count of how many bush/cheney posters i could find in windows in philly. In all of center city philadelphia, i only counted one. seriously. One. Uno. based on this count i was in complete shock when he won.
Anonymous said…
where's the pic of emma carol's crazy eyes?
Aimee said…
It's coming! I promise!!
GoGoGirl said…
And speaking of hairy guys...

The other day I was on a crowded bus and I felt something tickle my arm. I looked up and there was a girl in low-rise jeans and midriff-baring top brushing against me. Except she had a HUGE gut and hairy bellybutton. EWWW!

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