Stress Dreams

I had one of those so typical dreams last night where I was late for a high school test on a book I hadn't read in ages. I arrived after everyone else had started and my pencil needed sharpening. In the dream, I had the opportunity to earn extra points if I could list and write a little bit about the history of dukedom (??). I don't think I finished. I know my sentences weren't coming out correctly. At the end, I was so stressed out that I yelled at the entire class--screamed, actually, and embarrassed myself. I think I ran from the room. Later, I ran into an old ex-boyfriend and his new partner and I screamed at them too. I think I said to him, But look at her face! She has a man's face and man's hands! She's bigger than you. He said, Well, that's never been a problem for me. We can wear the same shoes. Don't remember what else happened except that later, I was watching a scene study between two people I work with and neither one of them would refer to the script and so they kept forgetting what to say. At the end, the teacher asked for comments. I said, Well, there was nothing at stake. She didn't need anything from him and he didn't either. The teacher agreed.

Part of this comes from reading Armistead Maupin's Michael Tolliver Lives. You may know the author more readily as the one who has written all of those Tales of the City about gay men living in San Francisco. This book is also about gay men--a gay couple to be exact. It's entertaining and somewhat interesting, but I'm halfway through it and I have yet to find a conflict or a plot. I mean, that's fine, but it's a little strange. Finished The Da Vinci Code this weekend, ten years behind everyone else. I had to slog through the last 3/4 of it. It's a book whose subtitle should be "Dum-Da-Da-Dum!" because of the ah-ha ending. I was skimming most of the last 300 or so pages; did I miss something? Because it seemed like the Holy Grail is just Mary Magdalene's ashes scattered under some tomb. Seemed kind of anticlimactic to me. I wanted a scene like the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the faces melt off. I have checked out more sensible books from the library, the new one from Toni Morrison and a John Updike book and even one by Philip Roth that I probably won't like. But they take thought and since I mostly read right before I fall asleep, that's difficult.

Below, you will see the location in the house where I typically sit for two hours or more every night. The best way to relax after working in front of a computer all day is to return home and sit in front of your own computer. That's what I do. The desk you see is really a vanity table. My favorite part of this picture is the faux wooden chandelier wall-hanging above the computer. It's from Circle Thrift via Urban Outfitters and I have another one in my bedroom. This is the view of the house you would see if you walked right in and looked to your left. If you looked to your right, you would see a wall.

Next, we have a photo of me looking like I am about to make out with Emma Carol or else strangle her dead. All she's thinking about at the moment is likely the flies she still has yet to catch and eat. She has a one track mind. Well, three tracks--flies and toys and tormenting Henri. I promise that I almost out of cat and house photos.


Anonymous said…
i LOVE that cute

you are so so so going to make out with emma carol..

it's good to see you, even if it is your face turned and covered with hair.