Your Cheating Heart

Jodie has this really cute t-shirt with a girl on a motorcycle and it reads "My Other Ride is Your Boyfriend." I want one of those (she also has a t-shirt that Padhraig gave her that says "Fuck Yoga"). I don't currently own any t-shirts with sayings on them, except for the one that Dave had made for me one year that has "help me" on it.

Okay, so I confess that I watched Age of A-holes again last night. I honestly had to look away from the TV on more than one occasion. I couldn't bear to watch the women's plastic faces as they applied yet another layer of foundation before going out on a group date to the beach with the guy of indeterminate pedigree (actually, I believe he's Italian-Australian). I am starting to feel sorry for him. He does have cute dimples and he is always opening his eyes widely, shocked by the different ways that the women have of making idiots of themselves. Here's something else I don't understand: what's the deal with boob jobs? There's this one girl who is somewhat cute, Amanda, but she has this horrible horrible horrible horrible boob job wherein each breast stands alone at attention with this very weird empty space between it. You could easily remove one of the breasts and use it as a tennis ball. It just looks fake and alien on her body. So, supposedly this show is meant to illustrate the differences between 20 year olds and 40 year olds, but somehow, they've managed to pick the exact same 40 year old persona for each woman in that age range. She is: tough, has long hair, doesn't take shit from anyone, speaks her mind, works out 10 hours a day, has had an itsy bitsy smidge of plastic surgery to get rid of her wrinkles, acts aggressively, knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it! In other words, she's a bitch of a broad who's just as shallow and ridiculous as any of the younger women. Or maybe that's what happens at 40+. You say things like, I'm an elderly woman who speaks her mind! and then you shove your tongue down the guy's throat to prove it.


jodie said…
well now you know what you're going to get for every gift-giving occasion.

I'm taking down my blog. I am not a blogger.
Julie said…
That is exactly what I was going to say... here come the "Idaho? No Udaho" and "I'm not as think as you drunk I am!" t-shirt gifts.
Aimee said…
I don't want a tshirt for every gift. I just want one!