My Little Venus Flytrap

Emma Carol loves nothing more than to catch flies and eat them. I just watched her do it with killer precision about five seconds ago. She also makes a peeping noise whenever she jumps from one place to another which is quite often. She is Tigger. Shawn saw their food bowls the other day and he said, Oh, look, there's the vomitoriam (sp?). Emma does get way too excited when she gets fed. She eats and eats and eats. She doesn't get sick though. She just gets fatter. Ernesto is less of a pig, except for that he gets up in my face if I eat anything on the couch. He dove his head into a bag of tortilla chips and stole one when I wasn't paying attention the other day. Then he ran off to eat it in the corner, like a little starving, abused child. I promise I will not write any more about my cats for awhile.

We had an all-day work conference at the Loews Hotel yesterday and so I was Wireless all day long. I also left my cell phone at work on Thursday and so couldn't be reached in any way. It wasn't liberating. What sucks most is that I'll have to go into work today to retrieve the phone. I suppose I could try to make the trip useful by like going to the library or the gym, but...

I ordered another refurbished ipod nano from the Apple site on Thursday (it's $50 cheaper than a new one). An impulse. My plan was to get another one after I lose ten pounds as a reward, but I managed to rationalize the purchase by telling myself that the ipod would actually make me want to exercise more because I would have my life soundtrack back. This is actually not untrue. It cost $149 for 4 GB. It's bright pink. I put it on my Discover card. It's possible that by the time it arrives, I will have lost the 10 pounds. If I don't eat for the next four days and/or start becoming bulimic. According to my fabulous electronic scale, I am 5 pounds lighter. That's something. I'm going to make a little case for it because otherwise, it gets kind of lost and dirty floating around in my purse. How thrilling.

Off I go into the day.


knicksgrl0917 said…
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Anonymous said…
did you lose your old ipod? i missed that post i guess...
i hope you are well, aimee darlin.
i miss you.


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