Is it wrong to have a crush on a 13 year old boy?

I didn't think so! Not when that 13 year old boy is Harry Potter. He's magic! He's really like 15 maturity level-wise. No, truthfully, I haven't followed the Harry Potter craze. I believe I read the first book and liked it fine and could see why it would be popular for kids, but I have never seen one of the movies, though I feel like I have because they always play so many trailers before each one is released. Well, I think it was Liz who asked me if I wanted to see the movie and I gave her a lukewarm reaction, so she dis-invited me. But the girls on Go Fug Yourself featured two of the little girl actors on their site and this led me to look up the Harry Potter page and then I realized that Harry Potter is going through adolescence (there are several pictures of him, including one where he kisses this girl) and I bet all of the producers of the movie series are so happy that he didn't turn out to be totally ugly. You can't know for sure. If I had been casting the movie way back when, knowing that were about 20 more to follow, I would've insisted on auditioning the entire genealogy. Like, let's see your brothers and sisters, how did they turn out? What about a picture of your grandpa as a young lad in trousers at the beach? How was he at age 13? Because 13 is a risky, risky time. The kid could've turned out to have really bad acne or his face could've reshaped in a funny way or he could've gotten fat or whatever. But seriously, if I were a preteen girl, I would probably cry myself to sleep at the unfairness of me not being able to know Harry Potter in real life or not getting to meet the actor who plays him or not getting the role of Hermione. I would honestly find this to be unfair, in the same way that I found it unfair in real life when I realized that Luke Skywalker and I would not kiss, not ever (I got over it by Empire Strikes Back because then I was in love with Han Solo and couldn't believe how immature I had been to think Luke was the one I wanted. From then on, it was all about the bad boys. That has not yet changed in my life).


Liz said…
For the record, I dis-invited you nicely. I still need to see it, though.

I agree with you're assessment of the difficulty in casting pre-teens who need to mature on screen. Emma Watson - who plays Hermoine - is gorgeous. But she's supposed to be pretty and a little awkward. She's not. She's a stunner.

My point is, it works both ways.