The Name the Baby Contest!!!

I have two friends who are currently gestating and both will need to name their offspring at some point. Jess and Kali are both expecting in the fall or the winter, around a few months from now. I don't think either one of them wants to know the gender of the baby before he/she/it is born, so we have to come up with stellar names for both boys and girls. I always want the baby to be a girl. Always. But then Julie had Owen and I realized that I always want the baby to be a girl unless the baby is Owen. I have used up all of my favorite names on cats, Emma, Gretel, Henri, Ernesto, and Fido. But there are still a few names that I would consider. I suppose we could start with the most obvious popular girl names: Lyndsey, Paris, Nicole, Ashley, Mary Kate and Kiera. Or, we could go with the most obvious popular girl names from the 80s-90s: Molly, Winona, Courtney, Ally, and Kate. For boys from the 80s: Rob (Jess can't use this because it's her dad and her brother's name), Jude, Andrew, James, Michael. Or we could try for literary: Jane, Meg, Jo, Beth, Katherine, Tess of the Dubervilles alongside Heathcliff, Wuthering, Colin Firth, and Mr. Darcy. Oh, Jess, please name your baby Mr. Darcy!

Scott likes Nora and I like Nora too, because it reminds me of Nick and Nora and their little dog Asta. He also likes Jack or Jane, and I too love Jane, Jack is okay too, but isn't that short for something? Jackson? John? And you must consider what kind of nicknames they could get. So, Jack could get Jumping Jack Flash or Jack Rabbit or Jackie Chan or Jack of All Trades or Jack in the Box or Jack Me Up! Jane could be Plain Jane. But...I can't really think of anything else bad about Jane. Jane, jane, it looks like rain. How bad would that be? Hey, Jane, where's Dick? See, harmless.

Here are a few random names from
Laban (Hebrew which means "white")

Pageen (Gaelic for Pearl)

Boy or Girl:


jordynn said…
I have a blog now!!!!

I've been reading yours secretly and have found it very useful, especially the description of a sociopath, because I think my brother is one.
Aimee said…
What is your blog address? I'll add it to mine! We can be blog buddies. Also, I had to delete the sociopath entry b.c it offended someone. Whoops!
Anonymous said…
hi ladies. aimee thanks so much for the name help. i like darcy. that could be cute. jordynn--what's your blog address? I could read yours too. I love reding this stuff. I check Aimee's religiously.
Aimee said…
I think Darcy is adorable too! For a boy or a girl though he may get teased if he's a boy named Darcy. Jordynn's link is on my site.
Julie said…
I really like the name Darcy - Aimee and I were discussing it today. It's very cute. Although I think you could only use it if you had a girl. I also LOOOOOOVE the name Jack. I wanted to name Owen Jack but Danny's sister beat us to the punch.