You Know You're in Trouble When The Heroin Shooting Corey is the More Stable Side-kick

Caught some of the reality TV show The Two Corey's last night, which features those Corey's from The Lost Boys--Haim and Feldman or Faim and Heldman, who knows. Let's call the dark-haired Corey 1 and the other Corey 2. Corey 1 used to have a serious heroin addiction. The other Corey was the cute-button faced kid who I always got confused with Kirk Cameron. Oh, okay, I just looked it up and Corey Feldman is the dark-haired kid (now an adult, though he looks exactly the same as he did twenty years ago). Well, the Corey Haim guy (Kirk) is absolutely a crystal meth addict. He can't sit still for more than.05 seconds and he talks too fast and doesn't make much sense. He constantly high-fives everyone and last night, it appeared that he accidentally licked Corey #1's wife's arm when she was trying to console him after he found out that he's not invited to be in The Lost Boys sequel. And he smokes constantly and won't stop embracing everyone and saying, "I love you, man!" And yet...there is something about it--the nostalgia, maybe--that makes me hope they will all be okay.


jordynn said…
Corey Haim (the meth addict) looks kind of bloated, too. I thought meth was supposed to make you skinny?
Aimee said…
Maybe he's also addicted to chicken pot pies and lard?