WNTW: the Show for Straight Women Only

I've discovered it's best to go to the gym around 12 o'clock because What Not to Wear is on at that time and Stacy and Clinton make everyone happy all the time. The only downfall of the show is that they never have men on and the dumpy women are all encouraged to be more feminine, but what if they don't want to be more feminine? What if they don't want to be pretty or attractive to men?

The show yesterday had a 25 year old dumpling of a girl--adorable with  short red hair, green eyes, and she seemed more like an Irish lad than and Irish lass. She said that she'd never really gone shopping by herself and most of her clothes were bought by her grandma and great-aunt, which meant that she was wearing a lot of short-sleeved mock turtlenecks (who are those made for?) and long tartan skirts. She wore that as one of  her date night outfits and Clinton goes, "You look like you're on your way to an Irish boarding school in the 1950s."

But it occurred to me that even though she's saying she wants to date men and have a family, it could also be the case that she does not want to date men ever, but that she's too young or scared to be out yet. They made her over, and I didn't actually seen the end of it, but the goal was not to transform her into a Jersey Shore girl, I mean, they stay within her comfort zone, but they were definitely going for more girly stuff that showed off her curves. I guess that's what she said she wanted. And maybe some straight girls just happen to look more boyish.

Oh, but who cares. It's an ugly-duckling turned swan story every time and I bet if I met Stacy and Clinton in person, I would like them both. I hope it doesn't happen in the traditional way, where I think I'm going to a family reunion and I happen to be wearing sweatpants with a tropical mumu over it and white sneakers, and they pop out of a cake to tell me it's time for my make over.  That can't happen though because the show has run its course. It does make the time go faster at the gym.