Little Foxes

Wasn't that a movie starring Tatum O'Neal and Kristy McNichols? Remember her and remember that show Family where she played one of the daughters and wore knee-high athletic socks that are all the rage again? All I can recall from that show is that the actress who played the mom always had a pained look on her face, regardless of what was going on. And maybe that Kind of like how the actress who plays Cora on Downton Abbey perpetually has a simpering expression. I just looked it up and no, the movie I was thinking of was not Little Foxes, but Bad News Bears. I knew there was an animal in the title. In any case, it's interesting how certain animals can become faddish, like, a few years ago, it seemed like owls were the rage, and all you saw at Urban Outfitters were owl pillows and owl lamps and ironic owl sweaters. Now, and for the last several months, it's foxes. And I totally buy into it. Like, I love foxes now. I never didn't love them, but I want fox things around me all the time. I bought a fox coffee mug from West Elm the other day:

Also, this necklace:

I am so easily co-opted by whatever they want me to wear. The "they" being the faceless people who determine trends. It's odd how that happens and what a person decides she likes, thinking it's really her decision and not something created in the trend making shop.

Now that I'm older, there are so many things I can't buy into because I've aged out of them. Like anything from American Outfitters, including their neon tights. Leggings for sure are no longer on the list, though I wore them pretty much every day in college, along with bunchy socks and Keds. Those were also the days of Flashdance fashion sweaters hanging off of your shoulder and leg warmers. We all looked like we were just stepping out of a Jazzercise class. And scrunchies and hair bows. The depressing thing to me is that those styles are coming back now, only labeled as retro. Similar to how I thought poodle skirts and cardigan sweaters were totally cute because they harkened back to Happy Days era. Look at Olivia. Please tell me though that we've given up bandanas as hair decorations. And mullets.