That Dumb Hat

I'm testing out the Blogger feature where you can take a picture with your phone and have it automatically upload to your blog post versus snapping the photo and then finding it and emailing it, downloading it, etc. I'm sure this feature has been available on the app for a while, but just this morning, I thought, wouldn't it be nice if you could take the picture and it would automatically be in your post? And voile, my wish came true.

This photo is a result of something I said to Dan last night. We were getting ready for bed and he was still wearing the hat below, because every time he gets his hair cut, it's more like a massacre where the barber takes the electric clippers to it and leaves him with a millimeter of covering on his head. Consequently, he's always chilly in the winter. So, he sometimes wears a hat around the house.

Anyway, we were going upstairs and I said, "Take off that dumb hat," and for some reason, this both struck us as really funny. It's a pretty mean thing to say, but honestly, it is a dumb hat. I mean, look.