Another Photo Fail

AM subway with Dan and I still cannot manage to take a picture of someone head-on--too shy, too scared of getting beat up. Plus, the camera makes (what seems to me) a loud shutter sound when you use it, potentially alerting your subject that you are photographing him.

Was not able to observe this guy on the car either b/c he settled in a place with no extra seats. My first general observation of him was that he seemed slightly effeminate. Then I wondered if I had seen him before and been able to observe him doing something that would make me jump to this conclusion (like making out with another guy, maybe?), but it could just be the way he carried himself, though I saw him move very little, or it could be my own prejudices. He had really short, buzz cut hair, and a beard but no mustache, which I always think is odd--it looks to me like the face is unfinished or like the mustache was mistakenly erased. He was focused on his smartphone. I wondered where he might be going to work and if he was warm enough in that leather jacket. He had on hipster-ish, Dad glasses--the kind with the dark brown frames. He got off at City Hall when we did, but I don't know where he went from there.