In Fashion

I judge people all the time. Mostly on their fashion choices. For instance, I wondered what made this woman think that this was a cute bag. Does her family own a ranch? Is she from New Mexico? Does she think it's cutting-edge to have a dead bull head on her purse?

But then I reminded myself of what I happened to be wearing. These shoes that make me look like I am a Bratz doll.

This woman with the blond hair was exclaiming to her friend, "And then the crackhead that she is, she showed up at my house at like 4 in the morning! Can you believe it? F-ing whore!"

This boy is wearing three sweatshirts--a maroon one covered by a blue one covered by a gray one. And paint-stained corduroys.

And then, three hours later, I saw him again, walking on Penn's campus. I recognized him from the corduroys and from the wallet chain.