Heroes of the Subway

Dan and I saw this man get on at the Tasker/Morris stop. He looked to me like maybe underneath his demure raincoat, there might lurk a superhero. He just had that kind of chiseled, serious and humorless look I expect from my every day heroes.

Trying to capture a clear image of passengers exciting off at Snyder.

The view I see every morning waiting for the train.

This girl reminded me of the central character in Muriel's wedding.

View from the window at the Ellsworth stop, I think. I'm constantly trying to figure out new ways to take pictures without anyone noticing me doing it. This man didn't get into a car, but veered off the his right at the last second. Probably because he saw me taking his photo.
Muriel again, still texting.

I took this photo on Friday morning on the way in. The white guy in the white t-shirt and the black kid to the side of him also in a white t-shirt--you might guess that they're typical teenagers; into their phones or their music or whatever---both of them stood up immediately to let an elderly couple take their seats.


Anonymous said…
Love the Muriels Wedding reference...Brilliant! Loved reading your funny entries. I have a site, would love people to check it out and give feedback! http://socalledlife.weebly.com/

Your hero puts me in mind of Glenn Danzig, ha!
wandering genie said…
It would appear we have the same commute (at least the first part)!