Princeton Library

Say what you will about Princeton, they have an excellent library. Pretty much every time I go there, I find a few books I want to buy in the sale section. This weekend, I got Ha Jin's Waiting and The God of Small Things, by Someone Whose Name I Don't Feel Like Looking Up Right Now. I was also able to use Dan's library card to check out the recently translated novel by Swedish writer, John Ajvide Lindqvist (okay, I did look him up), Let the Right One In. Dan and I watched the foreign version of this a few weeks ago and really liked it--can't remember if I mentioned it in my blog or not--it's about a little boy who is bullied at school and his new friend, a girl named Eli who turns out to be a vampire trapped in the body of a 12 twelve year old. She becomes his protector too, and there's this fantastic scene near the end of the movie where you get to witness what it might be like to be rescued by a vampire pal. Teaser: Your enemies limbs are dismembered. The book is absorbing; though I confess to skipping parts of it, such as the townies view of what's happening. I'm more interested in the boy, Oskar, and how he manages. There's this whole subplot about homosexuality and pedophilia in the book that didn't make it into the movie--I think I read somewhere that the director thought it would be too much. It's already a fairly twisted and violent piece of work. We also rented a DVD of Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco. Great writing and scripts; not your typical hospital drama. It comes back to character again--Nurse Jackie is complicated. She's an excellent nurse, warm to her patient's, no nonsense to her fellow staff, has a wicked sense of justice and courage, and is also a painkiller addict and cheating on her husband.

Here is another photo taken on the subway this Saturday morning. I don't think this project idea will work. I don't have any interesting observations to offer about this group--all were Hispanic, but it would be presumptuous to guess that they were together, though also odd that they weren't (we don't have that huge of an Hispanic population in Philadelphia). As I said before, I don't have the Nurse Jackie-like courage to be aggressive about photo taking. I'm too worried that someone might get mad at me.