Continued Voyeurisum

My excuse for taking photos on the subway platform continues to be an attempt to do a little of what the artist Sophie Calle does when she documents public life. However, I don't really have a point to make with this,except that it's nerve-wracking to take photos.

This first picture was a woman I saw this morning. She was in such a hurry; and her shoes made this impatient tapping noise as she went along. She didn't know it, but we were secretly in a race to get through the staircase first. She won, but just by a hair. I was sort of immediately annoyed at how quickly she was walking--the train clearly hadn't arrived, but she still wanted to get down to the platform. Once she was there, she continued to race to the other end of the platform. I didn't follow her.

This was an interesting older lady who had a totebag full of newspapers, which she squinted at throughout the train ride. She went by me to throw one in the trash before the train arrived, and said, "Excuse me, dear." She had a British accent, and I liked her right away solely because of that. I liked too that she had such a nice bob and was wearing a tam.

The girl in the hat looks reminds me of my friend Irina. I don't remember if Irina ever wore glasses, but if she did, I bet they would look like these. It's funny how the girl next to her looks slightly embarrassed; maybe she was aware that I was taking a picture?