Too Close For Comfort

God, remember that sit-com? It was on in the 80s and had what's-his-name on it...The guy who played Ted on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Anyway, sometimes on the subway, I rediscover what that phrase means in practice, as I'm smooshed up against another several human beings.Here is what it was like this morning. Before taking this picture, I had been standing next to a twenty+ girl dressed in black and she had extreme halitosis or else there was something dead stuck to her coat. I'm not sure. It was painful. I don't want to smell someone else's breath ever, not ever, but especially not a stranger and not at 8 AM in public. Then I started to worry that it was me, maybe I smelled and everyone else was thinking the same thing.

Here is what the tunnel looks like going from the orange to the green line.

A pair of red boots I like.

And friends with matching tri-tone hair.