More Subway Photos

Does everything look better in black and white? Not really. This was an ordinary man from the other morning--staring at his i-Phone, pretty oblivious, although we did make eye contact once and I thought maybe he suspected i was writing about him in my notebook (which I was). Dan sat next to me and he let me know that the man needed new shoes; the ones he was wearing were worn. I noticed when I first sat down that he had an employee name tag of some kind on his waistband, so that made me think he was going to a hospital administrative job; maybe all the way up north to Temple University Hospital.

I didn't get to observe this woman much. Clearly, she doesn't want to be seen.

This guy was very hyper. He stepped off at my stop and I walked behind him. He went through the big turnstile and used his elbow to push it so he wouldn't have to touch the metal. It made me decide that he would get colds more often than me because he probably sterilizes everything. And it also made me remember someone telling me recently that money is the dirtiest thing in the world--it's like covered in other people's feces.

From this morning.