Happy Easter + Some Irish

I took this picture last night on my way to the gym. It was a the first spring-ish day we've had in a while and the gnomes here seemed to embody that promise of good things to come. Or evil, gnome curses.

And we have moved on to the next holiday around town, which means bunnies!!!

And some elaborate scenes.For instance, is that a bunny carousel?

This is my neighbor's house. They usually do something on their railing. They also verbally abuse their children, but I think the attention to holiday details balances out the yelling.

Find the hidden leprechaun/Irish man and you win 10 points + the title of racist.

Beautiful fake flowers and Easter eggs.

Bunny who lights up.

I like the spotted pink dog in this window.

Oh, and a cat. Don't you just want to squeeze him until he meows?

Cat face pressed against the window. I like the reflection of trees in this one.

I wasn't sure what to make of this tableau--little schoolboy flanked by Virgin Mary and maybe a Hindu goddess against the backdrop of Indian lotus flowers or what?

Find the real animal here.


And you win a pot of gold.


Leigh Ann said…
I like the cat with the funny black nose like Franco's. Oh, I also like the chick that's chained and shackled to the torture railing.
kenzaloo said…
please please please send me your window kitty photos.... PLEASE!!!!!!! kenzaloo.lee@gmail.com and i will post them on my window kitty blog!!!!!!!!! yah!!! :) these are so good.